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Remote Workers Association is a non-profit membership organization uniting communities for electoral change and where We the People take our power back

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Who is a remote worker?

Remote Worker

You have a job where you work exclusively from home or a remote work station, full time or hybrid, contract or employee status.

Everyone or anyone who does any work from home or remotely away from an office is a remote worker, including unrecognized care giver labor.

Digital Nomad

You're not tied to a home or office and day-to-day you can work anywhere there is an internet connection. Van life, RV life, Retired Hobby workers

Business Owner

Business owners who work remotely or have remote employees or contractors

Farmer, Rancher, Caregivers and other remote workers

If your business is run from home, you live on site of your business or you're a caregiver in the home or at a remote location or a student

Founding Memberships

Our approach



The Electoral College

We look beyond the 2-party system checkers mode and have a strategic plan to create real democracy in the USA, where, we the people's voice matters and is heard once again

Lobbying & PAC

Using lobbying and an associated Political Action Committee we can make change in legislation and in campaign


Voting strategically, voting smarter, not voting harder for the 2-party monster



Nomadic Communities Implementation

Nomadic communities and employed remote workers have a right to vote and gain residency where they choose

DON”T SHOCK THE SYSTEM AND KEEP COMPLYING is campaign promise 2024. Here’s how shock the system: Get out of checkers mode and VOTE FOR ANYONE BUT INCUMBENTS, REGARDLESS OF PARTY AFFILIATION.

Register BLUE if you live in a BLUE state, NOW. Register RED if you live in a RED state.


Then, large states who vote blue like CA Register for the general election in a small red state. Same for large red states. Vote in the general election and VOTE FOR ANYONE BUT INCUMBENTS. Silent protest with your votes in states/districts where it matters for the ELECTORAL VOTE. You don't have to vote for the Politcult party choices offered and if we all do this it throws a wrench in the system. Also, ANSWER POLITICAL POLLS- Tell them you’re voting FOR the incumbent. – Do NOT vote for them in the election. The election systems are not as easy to cheat as you have been led to believe. This propaganda has greatly harmed voter confidence, which is exactly what they want. They don't want you to vote! As the clowns juggle, they want your eye on a one ball looking for the cheat when the OTHER weighted ball is the problem.

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Unite and use lobby to educate Representatives to reduce the power and budget of the Military Industrial Complex (Uni-War Party)
Support RWAPAC in removing candidates and incumbents who promote, profit from or legislate to further empower the Uni-War party and support candidates who are opposed
Unite in removing ALL incumbents who support the Uni-War Party, regardless of political party affiliation

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